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Blackwoods Emergency Resources is a rescue team, starting REMS work for the 2022 fire season. REMS teams are responsible for rescue operations on the wildland fireline. Members of these teams are responsible for rescues and patient care in austere environments utilizing high and low angle rescue. Physical fitness is a must, as team members could be tasked to hike miles down firelines, over mountainous terrain, and extract firefighters to a place where ambulances or helicopters can access them.

One of the most important aspects with being on our team will be your capacity to work well with others during long boring days in the woods. When our call volume (incidents that actually require assistance) is low, a willingness to train and play well with others will make all the difference between good teams with strong esprit de corps and being miserable in the woods.

Team members will be expected to deploy for 14 days at a time with often less than 24 hours notice. There are possibilities for deployments to extend to 21 days. The expected season could run from June to October (or longer).

Open Positions

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information


Requirements & Application

    .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff file types accepted. If you have more than 5 files, please make multiple submissions.
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    Items on these lists are recommended for your own comfort and to help you think about what you want to have with you.

    Primary Camping Gear

    ☐ tent
    (This is your bedroom this summer, look for easy setup, durable against wind and rain, and at size / height)

    ☐ sleeping bag
    (This is your bed This summer,
    nights can be really hot or cold)

    ☐ pillow
    (Treat yourself, bring a real one)

    ☐ sleeping pad and/or cot
    (Having both Takes up space,
    but provides the most comfort)

    ☐ camping chair
    (Backpacking style, but durable)

    Fire/EMS Gear

    ☐ boots (Required)
    (All leather, lace-up type,
    > 8 inches high, Vibram soles)

    ☐ Blackwoods Tee Shirt (Provided)

    ☐ Nomex Shirt (Provided)
    (you can buy your own,
    Must be NFPA 1977 compliant)

    ☐ Nomex Pants (Provided)
    (you can buy your own,
    Must be NFPA 1977 compliant)

    ☐ watch
    (All EMS personnel need a watch)

    ☐ Knife or Multitool
    (for personal use)

    Personal Clothes

    Laundry services are not guaranteed

    ☐ 7-10 underwear
    (Change your underwear daily)

    ☐ 7-10 boot socks
    (Change your socks daily)

    ☐ 1 -2 comfortable outfits
    (For you day off, to go into town)

    ☐ pajamas
    (Whatever that means to you)

    ☐ swimsuit
    (we look for opportunities to swim )

    ☐ towel
    (The fire provides disposable ones)

    ☐ workout clothes
    (We encourage strength training)

    ☐ tennis shoes and socks
    (We encourage cardio fitness too)

    ☐ coat
    (it does rain on some fires)

    ☐ Gloves and Beanie
    (Early mornings can get cold)

    Personal Items

    ☐ sunglasses
    (We provide Driving glasses)

    ☐ book
    (Study material or entertainment)

    ☐ personal entertainment
    (don’t be bored, find something)

    ☐ phone cord

    ☐ portable phone charger

    ☐ water bottle
    (Stay hydrated!

    ☐ coffee mug

    ☐ Mesh bag for Laundry


    Showers are a luxury

    ☐ tactical flip flops

    ☐ shampoo

    ☐ conditioner

    ☐ soap

    ☐ razor

    ☐ face wash

    ☐ toothbrush

    ☐ toothpaste

    ☐ deodorant

    ☐ baby/ body/ butt wipes

    ☐ dry shampoo

    ☐ hairbrush

    ☐ hair ties

    ☐ lotion

    ☐ tweezers

    ☐ nail clippers

    ☐ q-tips

    ☐ boot powder

    ☐ Feminine Hygiene Products